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 Diversity Programs

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes and for companies the most confined boxes can be those of perception.  These limiting boxes are what executives, managers, employees and even customers have come to believe are the traditional and only definitions of a company. However, these boxes can impose limits in ways that will not allow an organization to grow.  Leaders must change and adapt in order to survive. 


Phase 1

Diversity Leadership Coaching - Each leader is unique.  We can provide coaching to key leaders in the organization.  The coaching can manifest itself in several different forms.  Depending upon the individual and your culture we can provide executive behavior modeling, one on one discussions, or general coaching based on an identified behavior that needs to be modified.   We perform our signature mirror coaching - following the leader and seeing what they do well and what they  might consider changing to have more impact.

  • Pre-interview

  • 360 feedback and Assessment

  • Mirror Coaching

  • Coaching and Enhancements

  • Accountability

  • Continuous Improvement


Phase 2

Executive Education / Training – We believe that it is imperative to also train the team while the senior leader  is being coached. This training will ensure that the learning is transferred to the team.  The team receives education on what diversity, managing diversity, and leveraging diversity is and is not.  This training is focuses:

  • Behavioral diversity
  • Communication
  • Brain styles
  • Goal setting
  • Team Work
  • What diversity really is... not what we heard

Optional Phase 3
Process Consulting -
The purpose of process consulting is to provide you with industry-tested expertise that guides your diversity management process.  This service is designed to help you to avoid setbacks and to provide you with time and financial savings.


All of our diversity programs are designed to explore the subject matter in an interesting, thorough and participative manner.  Before programs begins, we review the organization’s policies, practices and culture to insure that all programs are tuned to meet specific needs.  We’ll develop programs tailored to client specifications.  In some instances, we can design training programs to be facilitated by your own employees, once we’ve trained them for maximum effectiveness.





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