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Organizational and Human Performance Consulting

STAGE 1: (estimate four months)


  • To discover how the identified teams are currently functioning,
  • To create team vision for top performance within each identified team,
  • To determine and implement specific objectives identified by the team,
  • To facilitate maximum communication between team members,
  • To teach conflict resolution skills and resolve current conflicts.


·         Discovery Phase—Individual interviews with each team member as well as the

·         Managers involved to determine what they see as the strengths and weaknesses of their team’s current functioning; (first month)

·         Weekly Team Development group meetings for each team including: (3 months)


1.       Feedback to team about common themes in the individual interviews with team members and with that team’s physician;

2.       Assessment of team members’ individual communication style;

3.       Creation of team’s vision of what would constitute a top performing team, including a “report card” of their current performance and identification of necessary actions to raise their standards;

4.       Implementation of team goals (including conflict resolution) with Coaches’ facilitation.


STAGE 2: (estimate four to six months)


·         To align the overall vision and goals of all teams in the (organization)

·         To establish criteria for maximum team performance,

·         To implement systems and processes , including methods of accountability,

·         To improve overall communication with the team,


·         Assessment Phase-- Interview all managers (group), 2-hour meeting.

·         Meet with all teams together in two 2-hour meetings per month for the purpose of aligning purpose (overall) of (organization), developing criteria for optimum team performance, establishing goals and accountability systems, improving communication and resolving conflicts.