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"A window of opportunity will not open itself." ~Michael Crichton

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To determine short term, future goals

Mirror Coaching

The best data is seeing what you do.  We observe you in key environments and offer feedback immediately following encounters.  This helps to determine what you really do well and how you can improve your communication and presentation skills.

Key benefit: Observe Nonverbal and Verbal patterns

Discovery 360 degree Feedback - talk with others about your presentation skills
Fear Analysis- Assess what is blocking you in your presentations

Identify Communication Blocks
Clear obstacles that are blocking you from clear effective communication.  Most communication challenges are rooted in a lack of understanding how you process information and how to effectively communicate to others in their preferred style. 

Develop Individual Keys to Your Success Action Plan
We will partner with you to prioritize what areas we should focus on to help you get results you need to achieve your goals.

We typically recommend starting with the "low hanging fruit." It helps you to see results quickly and it makes it easier to work on some of the more challenging developmental areas. Give you 3 areas that you can improve immediately to improve your presentations.

All goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relative, Timely)

One-on-One Telephone or One-on-One Face-to-Face sessions designed to create a safe environment to explore goals, values, and to define personal success. As your coach, we will partner with you to help you construct plans and measure progress, producing a strong foundation for personal growth.

We believe that it is imperative while coaching the senior leader to train his or her team to ensure that the learning is transferred to the team. Lunch and Learns will help the team understand how they can communicate more effectively with the leader.




The Magic MIRROR Principle

  • Manage Personal Perceptions

  • Introduce Commonalities

  • Recognize Rapport Indicators

  • Respond to Representational System Clues

  • Open Your Senses to the Other Person

  • Remember- “People like people who are like them”.

Hi-Five Technique

1.    Mirror Common Experience

2.    Mirror Physiology

3.    Mirror Voice

4.    Mirror Representational System or Language

5. Mirror Chunking Level


Continuous Improvement

Create a plan to move you forward and become a more effective communicator and create  strategies to empower the team. Teleclasses, workbooks, etc.






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