The Fruits Of Labor Coaching and Professional Development Firm

"None of us has gotten where we are solely by pulling ourselves up from our own bootstraps.
  We got here because somebody bent down and helped us." ~ Thurgood Marshall


The Fruits of My Labor:

" I would recommend Dr. Cherry to anyone who wants to enhance their performance, improve their relationships (professional and personal), and increase their self-motivation.

Dr. Cherry really helped me produce.

"I value my coaching experience
because I felt I had a true partner in Dr. Cherry.
My performance increased a great deal
during our time together.

I appreciated the care and concern that
she showed in "helping me to get out of my own way".  

For the first time, I was able to create what I had held as a dream. Now I have tangible proof of my efforts...
visit my website Thanks Dr. Cherry!"

Rhonda Felder, CEO BeManifest


"After meeting with Dr. Cherry privately I landed 3 paid speaking opportunities within 24 hours. Don't hire her if you don't want positive change - she delivers nothing else but that!

My initial meeting with Dr. Cherry was over the phone. I, an experienced coach and seeker of personal and professional expansion, was in a panic.

I needed help fast. Dr. Cherry loves a challenge and within 2 hours of NLP coaching she deleted several limiting beliefs that were creating obstacles to my business, wealth creation and personal interactions. I loved her caring, daring and knowledgeable approach so much I hired to do a private NLP Practitioner training in California for some of the top Bay Area Executive Coaches. Don't be fooled by her youthful appearance - she is the holder of  great wisdom, a brilliant mind and immense personal power. My time and money investment are already paying me back."

Mel Dewberry Jones
Soul Purpose Coaching



"Dr. Cherry Collier is one of the most phenomenal people that I’ve ever met. 

Her warm and caring spirit exudes power and one can’t help but be transformed by her powerful messages.  Meeting Dr. Cherry has been truly a life changing experience.  I have been challenged to examine my purpose in life. 

I have been encouraged to love myself and understand that God created me perfectly and to know that ‘I am enough.’  Her teachings have reinforced and expanded upon many of the beliefs that I have always held true.  The connection that I feel with Dr. Cherry is extraordinary and will be cherished always."

-Linda Brydie, Phillip Morris


I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Dr. Cherry during the month of September at the annual NBMBA conference. It was my first time working one on one and within a group with a personal coach. I have to admit labeling Dr. Cherry as just a personal coach is placing a label on a very talented individual. She is much more than a coach and she is much more than an individual that I can accurately describe using words. I would have to say the best word that represents Dr. Cherry is Life Changer. She is blessed with the uncanny ability of accurately analyzing an individual and then assisting them in accomplishing their goals. After meeting her I quickly transitioned from the effect side to the cause side of the equation. I also begin to hold myself accountable for my actions and I began to set goals and objectives that were measurable. Dr. Cherry has caused me to look deep inside my heart and realize the vision and purpose that God has placed within me. This newfound revelation has forever changed my life and has placed me on a path to success. She not only unlocked the vision that was inside me, she provided me with the tools to achieve them. Dr. Cherry is truly an attitude magician. If you are serious about changing your life and making an impact in this world she can assist you. Thank You Dr. Cherry. Your favorite participant.
- Trey McMillian, Hewlett Packard


Dr. Cherry,

I am extremely happy to inform everyone that I have been offered and accepted the promotion to Director,  I assume the position as of April 1, 2005, so I will be transitioning my current responsibilities during the next month.  I directly attribute these achievements to my participation in the Candidates for Success pilot and my affiliation with and exposure to you Champions.

I can't help thinking that I spent my first four and half years with my company and had become complacent and, dare I say, lazy.  After my experiences starting this past September, I have been spared from a layoff, moved into a Manager position, and now promoted to a Director position. If, on September 13, 2004, someone had projected that these things would happen, I would have thought them crazy!  God Blesses!

I thank you all for everything you've done thus far and anxiously await all the fruits to come to each of us.

In your debt,

Todd A. Hood, Pitney Bowes




"Dr. Cherry changed my life.

I began to consider that I was in possession of limitless potential as I listened to her speaking. Reading her book, Move out of Your Own Way, was pivotal for me. I had always considered myself somewhat motivated, but she encouraged me to tap strengths that I did not even know I had. She revealed some flaws in my thinking that were holding me back; and I have been unstoppable ever since. Through Move, specifically in her writings on results vs. reasons and obstacles, I discovered that I really was in my own way, setting up excuse obstacles that I had no business constructing. I feared to seek and explore, to really put full effort into pursuing what I wanted! It was her philosophy that everyone is in full and complete possession of the requirements needed to succeed in life that really spoke to me. Her musings on failure vs. feedback gave me the courage to charge forward wholeheartedly after my dreams. Thanks to her, I am now operating at 100%, and in a career I would have never thought possible for me before her influence. She encouraged me to follow my dream of teaching and to further my educational goals. I hope that I may be able to pass along even a fraction of the positive energy and inspiration that she so selflessly shares with thousands of people on a daily basis. Her message is powerful, wise, and infinitely important; her delivery is empowering, inspiring, charismatic, and no nonsense. I recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants to succeed. There is nothing that I would accept in substitute for my experience with her. Dr. Cherry, you are my hero!
-Christina Searle, Dallas Georgia, Research Analyst Emory University


"Dr. Cherry guided me literally though a radical paradigm shift in how I see and interact with the world.
Thank you so much again for allowing me to participate in such an enlightening experience.  Learning NLP has been one of the great thrills of my intellectual life and so eye opening that I started incorporating it into my interpersonal relationships the very next day.  Once you have been exposed to NLP you honestly can’t shrink your mind back to thinking in your old patterns. 

  Dr. Cherry had empowered me with tools that I see as vital not only for success, but for a truly dynamic life in every facet of experience.  Dr. Cherry shines the principles of NLP through her; making the practitioner certification spring to life through personal experiences, unequaled intellect, and a teaching style so effective that I have yet to see it matched.  There is no material that has changed me as quickly and as permanently as NLP and there is no other person that could have given such a riveting training session.

I will be personally and studiously in debt to Dr. Cherry for all that she has given me.  Dr. Cherry has a goal to touch one million lives with hers, and every life that I am blessed to touch I attribute to her and hope that I can aid her in fulfilling such an ambitious endeavor. 


Brandon, Coblentz"


Aloha Dr. Cherry:

Paving new inroads in uncharted waters relies solely on the elating daydreams of childhood triggered by the glint of destiny’s fire in the heart. There were no curriculums for enlightenment, healing and inspiring through music. There was an ideal deep in my heart that nurtured the desire to share my gifts and navigate through life on authentic spiritual principles. 

This passion had a price in the practical arena. Patterns cycling in the caverns of my mind repetitiously showed up in life with devastating repercussions. All of the disciplines, skills and practices I have exercised could not access or identify core issues that hindered success in sharing my work and receiving in turn.

Our first conversation with you made a huge impact on my underlying belief systems ultimately transforming many areas of my life. 

The simple gesture of acknowledging enlightenment expressed through music as a  noble objective having a valuable place in this world  and deserving of support gave me the fuel to move mountains inside opening avenues of truth and abundance I never felt possible before.

It was increasingly apparent in each session, you truly have a gift of masterfully communicating principles and techniques bridging the two worlds of spirit and materialization with absolute presence, precision, clarity and potent knowing. 

The results of working with you are immediate overflowing with miracles, conscious clarity and congruent action. The application of your work has permanently shifted all aspects of my life. This transformation remains a powerfully positive and constructive influence.

Thank you so very much! I’m feeling I am fully living my purpose and truly blessed with every breath.

In Gratitude and Joy Dr. Cherry… You are a precious being bringing light to all.




Dr. Cherry,

My grandfather went to one of your seminars and sent your book to me in Brooklyn NY to read for a Christmas gift.... I cannot tell you how many obstacles I have had in 2005 but it consist of loosing my job, drug addiction, and losing my boyfriend of 2 years whom I live with still and makes my life very difficult...I have cried and blamed myself and mentally abused myself for almost an entire year.... I also went to a psychic 5 years ago that had told me I was not going to become successful because I am too materialistic and that he sees a person who will make me fail...some reason I have held that thought in my head years later... I decided to meditate and switch it around and state that I will become a success because of a girl.... and this is when he sends me this book that i cannot stop reading....what you have to say is very powerful and your moving stories have given me faith for the new year and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart... I don't even know you and I feel your energy all the way in the east coast... God bless u and thank you for for allowing me to keep it movin... 

soon to be fashion designer :)


Hey Dr. Cherry,


I finished your book today and it is absolutely AMAZING!!!

Between you and Bishop Long, I will be walking into my destiny very, very soon. I knew from the beginning that you were God-sent, but you have poured more into me than I ever could’ve imagined, and for that I say THANK YOU!!!

Thanks so much for your powerful words and YOU are my Model of Optimism.


Take care,





Cherry Jr,

I have read your book from cover to cover!!! It is a must-read again and again and again, which is why it is on the night table next to my bed rather than in the bookshelf in my study.  I mean, you are doing some effective teaching and guiding in the book!!! It is very instructive, Cherry. Very instructive.  It engages the reader and makes you think and, as a result, you simply can't put it down.  I am proud of you, but what else is new? You have a vision, Cherry, and you will realize that vision.  It is characteristic of you to stay the course and reap the harvest for which you planted.  Wayne Dyer did it, so can you, so will you. I am a loyal Dyer follower.  He is real. A true believer. 

A Black woman spiritual guru.  You will be the first.  Vanzant did it for relationships.  You are focusing on life and you are not targeting one group in particular, but rather people in general who want to manifest their potential.  You are on your way, Dr. Cherry. Bite by bite. 

I am proud of you. I congratulate you.  By the way, can I be on your "board of directors" (smile).

Dr. Gloria Wade Gayles, Author of In Praise of Our Teachers.


Dr. Cherry

Someone sent me an excerpt of one of your speeches. It was on building a Personal Board of Directors. I found myself to be really intrigued. I find myself often falling into patterns of negative thinking and conversation. I am also at a point in my life where I am feeling a bit stagnant. As far as my career, I really don't feel I am working to my potential but there is not really room to grow. So I am beginning to feel stuck but too afraid to go forward.

After reading the excerpt, I actually felt some sense of empowerment. So I was hoping your speech would be a way to kick myself into gear. From there, I searched for your name on the internet and found your website. I checked it out and later bookmarked it but since I didn't see a section giving a schedule of upcoming events, thought I would send an email. I didn't really expect that you yourself would answer but I am really happy you did. Thanks Lisa


Dear Dr. Cherry,
My name is T. Reed.  I am currently a senior Biology major at Spelman College.  I have just finished reading your wonderful book, Move Out of Your Own Way.  I wanted to tell you that I thought the book was brilliant and tremendously helpful.  

I found your book in the oddest way. One Sunday a few weeks ago, I was watching Focus Atlanta or Atlanta Insider (I forget which one), which I normally don't watch. You were a guest on the show about dating and at the end of the segment, you mentioned your book.  I thought it couldn't hurt to check it out.  So I looked it up on and ordered it right away.  I found the format of your book was excellent. The material is very useful as well as insightful and inspiring. The book came at a time of confusion and disarray in my life. In the past 6 months or probably longer, I've felt like my life was out of control and at a dead end. I considered getting a life coach, but without having much income, I thought that option might be out for now. I checked out your website and saw that you offer life coaching services. In Chapter 8 of your book, you spoke about requesting things that are not on the menu.

Well, I am requesting something that is not exactly on my financial menu. I wanted to know if you coach people in similar financial situations and if you would consider coaching me.  I don't have much money and if you offered reduced payments or a payment plan, I would definitely be grateful. I really think I could benefit from your services. I have a lot of goals that I want to accomplish and I believe that with your help, I could “cultivate the fruits” within myself.

Even if I can't get the services right now, just know that your book has made a powerful and positive impact in my life.

T. Reed

After the work Part II

Merry Christmas Dr. Cherry!!
So much has happened since the last time we spoke to each other.  I hope that all is well with you.  I am doing wonderful and I owe so much to you. This semester was wonderful to me. I just checked my grades and so far I have straight A's!!! I have not done this well in school since high school.  I was doing so well in one of my classes that my teacher personally asked me to be the tutor for the rest of the semester. All of my tutees improved their grades and some even brought their grade up from D's to A's. I wake up everyday ready for life. And even when I didn't feel like going to school I still went and had a great day. I have no worries and even minor problems are easily resolved. I am so relaxed now and I dance around with a smile on my face, which used to be so hard for me to do.  I still continue to read your book as well as many others on creating a powerful day. I can't wait for 2006! I graduate this May and I am still trying to figure out what is the next step for me after Spelman. I am not worried because I know I have the power in me to create a peaceful and happy life no matter what. I honestly never believed in that until I found your book. Now I tell everyone that they have the power, they just have to believe and relax and everything will work out fine.  I hope you and your family have a Safe, Happy, and Blessed Holiday!!
With so much Love and Appreciation,



To: Dr. Cherry Collier

Dear Future Participant:

I completed the 4-day Accelerated NLP Practitioner Certification on April 14, 2005.  Dr. Collier facilitated the program.  I am convinced I now  have a set of  techniques, skills and approaches that will increase my success in marketing my business and  supporting my coaching clients  in  achieving the highest  level of success in their lives.

Dr. Cherry Collier provided a structure and flow to the training that gave me with the right amount of presentation and experiential learning. She delivered the material with an obvious delight for both the topic and the growth and learning demonstrated by the participants.   Her comfort with the use of technology to enhance our learning was extraordinary.  I gained immediate comfort and commitment to use what I learned and perhaps in the future, to learn more from Dr. Collier at the Master Practitioner level.


Key tools:

I found the approach of rapport building my natural style, but now I have the opportunity to become a master in relationship building.

The “Keys to Achievable Outcome” is so important to my role and I began to use what I learned the next day to clarify a successful coaching agreement.   The customer was so impressed with my thoroughness; I am comfortable I have gained a long-term relationship.   I am also comfortable in using the 5-step sales process in a presentation I have next week.

Over time, I expect to incorporate my entire learning into my business and relationships. 

I believe this program will enhance living my purpose and my dreams in a most impactful way.

Doris Shannon

CEO, Principal Coach



Dr. Cherry,

I've always been curious about NLP - and am so happy I chose to take the accelerated NLP practitioner training taught by Dr Cherry.  A bundle of energy and inspiration - she makes NLP fun and easy to learn.  As a coach - certified through CTI, I've already been able to put NLP to work with my corporate clients, and see it as a significant addition to my coaching tool kit.  Next up - Time Line Therapy - taught again by Dr. Cherry.  That says it all.  Doesn't it?

Andrea Bauer, CPCC
Andrea Bauer Consulting


"Dr. Cherry Collier's book, 'Move Out of Your Own Way,' is the most inspirational book I have ever read.
I met Dr. Collier at a Leadership Development Institute at which she was speaking. She captured the entire audience with her amazing energy and sincere passion for positive thinking. I decided to purchase her book to get a deeper understanding of what she spoke about. I was pleasantly amazed at how I felt during and after reading this book. I really noticed a change in my attitude about life. I became a much more positive-thinking person and I strive to improve on that daily. Dr. Collier is a very special and wonderful person with a desire to help others reach their potential. I strongly recommend learning from her either by reading her book, listening to her speak, or any other way possible! I guarantee your life will be changed!"
 -Kern Woods,  Graduate, Purdue University, Marketing Analyst



Dr. Cherry:

I have been into self-improvement tapes books and seminars for over 30 years.  I have read books by Norman Vincent Peale, Dr. Dyer. Les Brown to mention a few and have attended numerous seminars and listened to cassette tapes as a part of my daily routine.

Last year I was completely caught off guard when I attended a Blacks' in Government Conference in Washington D.C., again as a time for networking and professional development.  There were a number of gifted presenters and very interesting informational seminars, but one seminar became a part of my life in a very new and spiritual way.

Dr. Cherry’s presentation filled the room with a very powerful and a wholesome spirit that went beyond the material and the cerebral, it was picking us up and carrying us to new places in our lives. This continued throughout the workshop which taught us how to “Move out of Your Own Way”, and how to cultivate the fruits within you to empower success, growth and abundance. She unfolded her lifetime experience in a way that lead you to believe that she operates according to the blessings from God and that we all can experience the same blessings, if we just move out of our own way.

Several months had passed before I contacted Dr. Cherry on her website which I found listed in her book.  That is not to say that I had lost interest in her teachings, in fact, I could not forget her seminar and the spiritual enlightenment that I received from her on that day. I believe that she is one of the chosen ones sent here to impart knowledge to us in a way that we receive in a very different kind of way. I have never been so moved and convinced by a presenter as I was on that day. I believe she has an anointing on her life and has dedicated her life to empowering others.

 I could go on, but some what I have to say cannot be communicated in words.  I recommend her book to you and, should have the opportunity to become part of her village, do not miss it.  
Mr. Gregory L. Pleasant, Discovery Resource Center Manager



You are truly amazing and an inspiration to everyone you come in contact with.  You know exactly what to say and how to say it so that people get the message.  You are bold and courageous with steadfast conviction about what we need to do to move our lives forward.  You encourage personal and professional growth, accountability, responsibility and caring.  You do this through your speeches, your writing, your website and in one-on-one conversations.  I am a better person because I know you. 

You inspire me to do better even when I feel tired and seem to have no more to give.  Despite the distance between us, I feel your sincere concern for my well being and growth.  Whenever I speak to you, you give me your complete attention.  You celebrate my wins no matter how small.

Cherry C, because you do so much to inspire and motivate everyone else, I wanted to send some energy your way.
-Rondo Moses, New York


Dear Cherry:

Thank you for your dynamic presentation. The magic you performed caused me to think and realize I have everything I need to succeed in life with my family and career. Many of the conference participants were energized by your presentation. We all enjoyed and learned a lot.

Thank you for your time and your presentation. From this day forward "I Will Create Powerful Days."

Your friend

Angela, Department of Labor


Dr. Cherry,
... you are the Queen of lemonade... that is taking whatever lemons life puts in your path and converting it to the sweetest and tastiest lemonade available...

 All good things...,

Craig Triplett
Managing Partner
The LeROI Group


We selected Dr. Cherry to speak at two different events for Georgia-Pacific.  She is a passionate and driven person, who works diligently and tirelessly to meet her client's needs.  We received overwhelmingly positive comments from Dr. Cherry's sessions.  She reached the audience in a unique and powerful way to help them "Move Out of Their Own Way" to achieve career and life success.

Christine Belknap
Manager, Workforce Programs

Workforce Strategies and Programs



Some things we just do not have control over and sometimes life happens.  Dr. Cherry’s book, however, teaches us that our mental capacities in the form of personal success and growth can be transformed.  Whether you read her book or hear her speak, one thing is for certain, you will be moved, touched, and empowered.  The concepts and approach she uses are direct and powerful.  She has the capacity to help you benefit from things you knew all along, yet for some reason, never tapped into.  A quick analogy that comes to mind is the priming of a lawn mower.  A lawn mower is not easily started without it!  Dr. Cherry’s book primes your mind to positively transform the typical thought processes we let control our lives.  Both charismatic and logical, her writing and speaking voice will resonate in your daily thoughts and actions!  A must read to start off the New Year!
-Lisa Bradley


Dr. Cherry writes convincingly of the need to “Move Out of Our Own Way”. No matter your station or stage in life, this is a relevant book and a must-read. The easy writing style and organization in “small bites” makes it a joy to read.

The book is a bargain at $20. I loved it so much I bought more copies for family & friends and I am still not done! Every time I meet someone standing in their way I want to get them to read this book!

It opened my eyes and reminded me once again of the great power within each of us; power for good or bad. I challenge you to read the book and do the exercises; you will not remain unchanged! 
Mbugua Karanja, Nairobi, Kenya, December 2004


Hi Dr. Collier!
How are you? I did something for myself recently and I have only you to thank-- like you said, it doesn't hurt to ask, always ask. And I did...I took the chance and asked for something that I never thought would be possible. And it actually worked out! It actually I just wanna say a BIG THANK YOU!

Take care,



Dr. Cherry:

"I was transformed into a believer about two weeks ago when I read one of your MOVE e-mails. It encouraged
me to follow along and imagine myself where I wanted to be. After reading your e-mail and following the exercises, I landed the largest sale of my 16 year automotive career.
But it didn't stop there. For the next three days,
I sold and delivered a car a day (something that
I had never experienced before).
I want to thank you
for the message, it not only motivated me that day,
but continues to motivate me everyday."

Daryl Killian, Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead




What people are saying about Move Out of Your Own Way!

A Powerful book:

"Dr. Collier has brought spirituality, hope, and encouragement into one book. This book empowers you to become the very best you can be and settle for nothing less. Dr. Collier has captured the elements which hold each of us back from fully achieving all the God wants us to be. She helps us to understand how to be empowered and then encourages us to move forward toward achieving our destiny. She is inspiring and enlightening. This is truly one of the best books of 2004."
Anita Colley - President, Summit Strategies Inc.

"Move Out of Your Own Way” is truly a life changing book! Dr. Cherry offers a positive, uplifting message that is encouraging and promises to make you think. The positive energy is absolutely contagious!"
Betsy Walraven, Student

“Are you down but not out? Can you use the lift of an encouraging voice? This is it! Dr. Cherry is a “relational writer.” She engages you and helps you rediscover your strength. Thanks Dr. Cherry! You’re right on target with me.”
Terry Carnes, V.P. Training

"Move out of your own way, is an empowering book, in which lessons are laid out for you in each chapter to help you on your path to success. The book provided several strategies that could help you move out of your own way.  I realized that there is not any goal that I can’t achieve.  With this knowledge I am going to choose to stay positive and learn from my lessons to improve myself.” Carrie Wood, Psychology Major

"In Move Out of Your Own Way Dr. Cherry provides powerful advice that points the way to success and personal growth. The book is enlightening and motivating."
C.L. Hargrove, Ph.D., President Hargrove Management Consultants

"The book was wonderful! I loved the way it was set up (lesson, activity, thoughts/story). There were even parts of the book that brought me near tears! It was definitely powerful!"
Erica Chaplin, College Student

"I found Dr. Cherry's book to be thoughtful, provocative, insightful and full of the warmth of the human spirit. I found myself reading, mimicking some of the behaviors and re-reading certain passages trying to capture the fullness of her brilliant insight. I strongly encourage you to give this reading your full attention."
Stephan C. Davis, SPHR, President, Davis & Associates

Dearest Dr. Cherry:

"What an amazingly wonderful gift your Move Out Of Your Own Way book is to me.  In so many ways, it reinforced some learnings I've experienced over the past couple years.  Thank you for allowing Christ to lead and use you ... and thank you for sharing your blessings with me -- and the world.

Your book is simply encouraging straight-talk that I SO appreciate.  THANK YOU.

So much of your book stood out to me -- but the stories about your Grandmother, her faith and her never complaining really spoke to me, as well as the one about your Daddy and how he chooses to live.  What wonderful, personal testimonies of yours that you've used to share meaningful, inspiring messages with the world.  THANK YOU!

And your menu analogy and how we CAN choose to order what we want -- v. what has been preselected for us ... is a wonderful explanation that brought a HUGE smile to my face.  I really like your take on it not being 'high-maintenance'.  That's great.  I so could relate to NOT ordering what's on the menu, if there's something else that I want."

Sisterly, -Sonya!

"Move Out of Your Own Way put the power of manifestation in the reader’s hand. The message is we can create our own reality. What I really liked about the book was the journal option at the end of the chapter.  I have often read books that tell you to write things down, to list your abilities; however they didn’t leave any space for it.  This book left room for answers right in the book. You just need a pen.

I felt the personal accounts and true stories of other normal people who became incredibly famous made things real for me.  I saw it could be done and I could do it too. I often have a hard time seeing my gifts.  I get caught behind fear. I realize even more now, through this book, I am a strong, independent woman."

Christine Wolff

"The Move Out of Your Own Way cause and effect equation makes so much sense to me. As I grow older, I realize that I can have what I want and order less and less from the printed menu.  I never realized until the book, the power in this, but I now can connect the dots and see why this is a good thing."

Lisa Bradley, Wife, Mother of 3, and a Straight A -Student

"This book has created a lot of important images for me.  The image that we must first help ourselves before we can effectively help others, like the woman on an airplane trying to save her child without having saved herself.

 I really enjoyed reading this book.  I must admit before I read it, I feared what it might say.  My biggest obstacle was that the book would label me a failure or unmotivated.  After reading it I was just amazed at how I even could think such a thing.  This is a great book and I will read it a few more times because it has so much knowledge that I can apply to my life.  In the end the only obstacle was in me, I now know that I should move out of my own way."

Wesley Holmes 

“Move out of your own way has truly allowed my mind to explore thoughts and aspirations that before I read this book I thought were out of my reach. 

People have looked at me in a similar fashion to the way they looked at the Man in the Saw in the book.  But no matter what anyone else thinks, I now have a plan, determination, and the skill of positive thinking.  And when I lose sight of any of the three I have the book Move out of your own way to refer to and if nothing else I have the man and the saw.”  

Devona Martin

"In Move Out of Your Own Way, I learned a lot about myself, the power of optimism, and how to get what I want out of life in both aspects career and personal.

I learned:

  • I am my greatest asset
  • If I believe I can overcome an obstacle.
  • Take one step at a time when trying to overcome a huge task
  • If you form a board of directors in your mind, you form a well rounded model for success in all of life’s aspects.

This entire book is about getting what you want out of life.  Every chapter has this aspect. I learned about getting what I want out of every chapter.  Your book is truly inspiring and a must read. Your book only took me a few hours to read, but its impact on me will last a lifetime.  You are a model of self-actualization.  Thank you for writing your book."

Blake Blair

"I thought, small book, no problem.  This small book is packed with so much life changing information. I ended up reading the book twice.  I can already tell a change in my behavior.  Things happen that before would send me into a rage, but now I stop, think about other options and let it go.  I have chosen to stay as positive as possible, and as a result I feel better and will hopefully be a better person to be around. Plus I can tone up for the summer during my 15 minutes of fame. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book."

Jeremy Thomas

"Dr. Collier is a true professional and visionary. She was instrumental in our efforts to move appropriate levels of instructor led education to e-learning. Her leadership on a cross product committee helped us put in place our first process and methodology for sales training."
      Kevin M. Burns, Director,
      Education Solutions Group

"Cherry Collier was the greatest! Her enthusiasm, energy, dedication and professionalism shone through every project that involved her. Thank you for making our work lives fun and productive!"
      Connie Ma, Product Marketing Manager
      Web Site Analysis Suite

"Dr. Collier's keynote address message still resonates with our group. To this day, when obstacles arise we use her inspirational message to overcome them. She has a natural ability to tailor her message to the needs of her audience."
      Adell Katz, Project Director


Hi Dr. Collier!

"How are you? I did something for myself recently and I have only you to thank-- like you said, it doesn't hurt to ask, always ask. And I did...I took the chance and asked for something that I never thought would be possible. And it actually worked out! It actually I just wanna say a BIG THANK YOU!"

Take care,


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"Wealth of knowledge given today, left with greater confidence in pursuing career goals." L. Blount

"Overall, the program uplifted my sprits and motivated me to continue my search for a career in the business field." A. Fuller

"The program was wonderful.  It provided clear action items that I can use to improve my personal and public life." R. Frady

"A great resource for personal and career growth."

"Excellent program!"  D. Woodard

"Great Program – inspirational and instructional!!" C. Pearson

"Educational and informative" J. Brickhouse 

"I sincerely enjoyed the interaction, the humor and the candid environment.  Dr. Cherry has a true gift and an inspiring personality.  Y. Mitchell"

Former Participant and Student Comments:

"Her constant belief in us as students and people is inspiring."

"Dr. Cherry’s positive attitude towards life, teaching & everyone’s path in life."

 "Wonderful class, best instructor I’ve ever had.  She is amazing. I learned so much about people and myself. Dr. Cherry opens pupils to look at life positively. "

"Dr. Collier is positive and ensures that each person identifies himself or herself as positive and able to do anything she/he puts their mind to"

"Dr. Collier’s method of teaching is awesome"

"I think Dr. Collier did a great job with our class.  She didn’t just teach from the book, she also taught from her heart."

"Thank you for the empowering speech you gave the graduates –the message was in accordance to a lot of the issues we as future professional are beginning to face."

"I gained great knowledge that will help me professionally as well as personally.  I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Collier’s speech and words of advice."

 "THANK you for educating us to be a wiser person in the world Dr. Cherry. I really appreciate your hard work! Don't change your teaching methods, because its working. "

 "If one student can make a difference, then I hope it is me. The way you conduct your class, and the way you reach out to us made all the difference to me. You are inspiring and your energy is contagious."

 "You are a terrific person and a wonderful teacher."


  • Aflac

  • Army Management Staff (Personnel Management for Executives)
  • Atlanta Commission on Women
  • Atlanta Diversity Managers (ADMAG)

  • Atlanta Happs

  • Black MBA Symposium

  • Blacks in Government Conference

  • ChoicePoint
  • Department of Interior

  • Department of Transportation

  • Environmental Protection Agency

  • Flirting Time

  • Fulton County Government

  • Georgia Pacific
  • Georgia State University

  • International Career Business Form
  • Job Corps
  • Kennesaw State University

  • Linkage Conference

  • McBride Research Laboratories
  • National Black MBA Association
  • National Park Service Job Corps Division
  • National Public Administrators Conference

  • National Student Leadership Conference
  • Russell Athletic Association
  • Sharp Electronics
  • Shell Oil Company
  • Sheriffs Department

  • Spelman College
  • SunTrust Bank
  • The Coca Cola Company
  • Quest Diagnostics

Dr. Cherry has spent extensive time studying with the guru of NLP -Tad James and the Advanced Neuro Dynamics Group  For 2 decades, Tad has been totally dedicated to empowering people to discover and celebrate their inner magnificence using NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis. He is the author of 7 books and numerous audios and videos — all about empowering people to be the best they can possibly be, and to create what they want in life. He is the creator of the very powerful Time Line Therapy® techniques and training. He is an exciting, dynamic transformational seminar leader, speaking to thousands every year. Over that time, he has become a recognized and acknowledged leader in the dynamic field of accelerated human change and development.



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