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  Go out on a limb...that is where the best fruits is.

What is at the end of your yellow brick road?
Do you remember the story of the Wizard of Oz? In that story, Dorothy went on a long trip following the yellow brick road. She met many individuals on her journey, but none of them could help her actualize the power that she possessed within herself. Finally, after Dorothy had exhausted most of her options… she was coached into recognizing that the strengths she needed to achieve her goals were within her all the time! All she needed to do was "click her heels three times." The moral of the story is that Dorothy had what she needed within her all along and so do you!

How many times in your life have you been searching for something and finally realized that all you really needed to do was click your heels? A lot of times we are too close to the situation to realize our own potential and strengths. The challenge is acquiring assistance in actualizing your power. Often we can not see the forest for the trees. Allow The Fruits of Labor, Inc. to help you to see through the trees so that you can "click your heels" and achieve maximum success.

The Fruits of Labor, Inc. empowers individuals and organizations by building People Psychology MattersTM capabilities and competencies.

Our mission is to cultivate the fruits within individuals and organizations to empower success.

Most profitability solutions fail because they only focus on external factors; we at the Fruits of Labor, Inc. achieve extraordinary results that surpass other firms by empowering leaders from the inside-out.  We understand that people properly trained and coached in People Psychology MattersTM  competencies gain powerful insights in perceptions, communication, attitude and these shifts transform the individual, the team and thus the bottom-line.

After working with us each individual recognizes and values their diverse strengths leading to increased satisfaction and productivity at home, work, and in the community. 

We water the seeds to your fruits of labor.

Yes/NO Individual Quiz
  Are you free of "communication problems" or conflict?
  Do you delight your customers with your attitude and service your provide?
  Do you know what you causes others to be influenced by you?
  Do you know what to say to yourself to get motivated?
  Do you have high self esteem?
  Do you constantly strive to achieve superior performance?
  Do you have what you really really  want? 
  Is your presentation style free of mixed messages?

If you answered "NO" to any of these questions, working with The Fruits of Labor, Inc. would be an excellent investment for your personal/professional development. 

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Yes/No Organizational Quiz
  Is your Organization free of "communication problems"?
  Are your customers delighted with the service you provide?
  Do your employees have high morale?
  Do your work teams consistently strive for and achieve superior performance?
  Are your Company values consistently reflected in the work/attitudes of your Senior Managers down to your least paid employee?
  Are your employees handling stress in a way that is healthy to the team?
  Do your employees make presentations that are clearly understood and well received by all members of the team?

If you answered "NO" to any of these questions, working with The Fruits of Labor, Inc. would be an excellent investment to increase your organizational effectiveness immediately. 

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